Today is the day! For what? How about to make the decision to make a commitment to your long-term health & wellness? Yes, it's about losing the weight, but soooo much more.

Like more energy, better sleep, more confidence, no more dieting deprivation mindset - the list goes on. Ask yourself what does your most vital life look like and how do you feel living it? I'd love to work with you to set realistic and meaningful goals that will change your life!

We will work together to create the best plan for you, your family and lifestyle.  No cookie cutter, one-size fits all plans - that won't work!  

ther, we CAN make it happen for you. 

 I have added tons of new value to my packages and can't wait to share them with you!  Make the investment in YOUR health ~~

If not today, then WHEN?  

All packages include laser lipo sessions AND health coaching. Plus health & lifestyle analysis and recommendations

8 sessions for $1440  *in addition to comprehensive health coaching, package also includes 4 weeks of detailed meal planning, food journal analysis & shopping lists ** payment plan available *** receive one bonus session if paid in full

6 sessions for $900 *in addition to comprehensive health coaching, package also includes nutrition blueprint, initial food journal analysis and personal recommendations for you **payment plan available ***receive one bonus session if paid in full

4 sessions $425 

Talk to you soon! 

Transform your body the natural way  
Live your most beautiful, healthy, and vibrant life!

non invasive~~no side effects~~
no downtime~~100% painless

Now you can get rid of that stubborn fat for good! With my comprehensive, science based, no deprivation approach, you will:
~lose excess body fat
~get stronger & leaner
~look and feel better in your clothes
~reduce risk of illness
~learn the skills & knowledge you need to be successful in the long term

All Laser Lipo Weight Loss & Wellness Programs Include:
~custom laser treatment plan tailored to your goals & progress 
~wellness assessment
~nutrition & exercise blueprint
~health & lifestyle coaching
~unlimited e-mail support
~Whole Body Vibration Platform use
~private & professional environment
LOTS of personal attention, extras, & FUN!

Sculpt Laser Lipo offers the only full service laser-based weight loss & wellness program in Albuquerque & New Mexico.

Let my knowledge & experience help you achieve your goals and beyond!

Your satisfaction, results and health are my top priorities!


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In-house Payment Plan Available - Zero Fees or Interest - Plans to Fit Your Budget

you WILL see results after just one session!

One session
Health Assessment
$100.00 flat 
* If you choose to continue, you will receive a discount on the 6 or 8 session package*

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